Tokyo Drift

Okay, you have to admit, there's some serious Tokyo Drift vibes going on here, so that's exactly what I'm naming this post. 

This look is all about simplicity. There's really nothing crazy about this outfit, and yet it comes off so bold. Black and white outfits are easy to do, but to make a simple outfit stand out, you have to choose the right pieces. This includes hairstyle. I never go out with my hair in a bun, and prior to this, I felt like I couldn't pull off the messy bun look. However, with this look it created a perfect balance of chic, classy, and street. 

T-shirt dresses tend to come off super casual, and this dress alone does just that. It's very basic, nothing much to it...except the fact that it's AMAZING because it has deep pockets and I LOVE it (Second to comfort, I'm a big fan of practicality when it comes to outfits, so pockets are a big deal to me). Howeverrr, you barely notice that minor detail so you have to dress it up, especially when you're planning on going somewhere nice. Choose a feature piece to contrast the dress, like this lightweight, pure white, silk bomber jacket. Add some gold accessories for an accent, and because I wanted a more street-style look,  I threw on my infamous Adidas Superstars. (I was honestly dying in heels so I switched to these.) 

BUT YES, you can absolutely wear heels if you want a less street-style, more high-fashion vibe. If that were the case, I'd suggest simple black heels so the white bomber remains the feature piece, but don't be afraid to experiment to get the look you want! Wear hot pink or a bright blue or even some neon yellow stilettos! The outfit is black and white, so throwing in a vibrant color would make for a really dope look. Someone find me some crazy colored heels!   

Jacket // Zara

Dress // Zara

Shoes // Adidas

Accessories // Aldo

Bag // Brandy Melville

Septum Ring // Etsy

Photography: Justin Afanador