Street Style

This shoot will always be one of my favorites. Why? Because it features three of my favorite things: hats, dark lips, and flannels. You should know by now dark lips are my go-to. You should also know ColourPop Cosmetics is my all time favorite brand when it comes to liquid lipsticks. And you should also know, I always end up choosing the ultra matte liquid lipstick in the shade "Avenue", which is exactly what I'm wearing here.

This look includes the Ninety One embroidered dad hat, perfect for any hat lover, and a black and white plaid flannel with rolled sleeves. Underneath the flannel, I'm wearing a ribbed black crop top with a full zipper in the front. I always wear high-waisted shorts when wearing crop tops simply because I don't like showing too much skin. Low rise or mid rise shorts are perfectly fine to wear too. It's all preference! Throw on some sneakers to match and you're done!

This combination is so comfortable and completely versatile. Flip the hat backwards or tie the flannel around your waist. Keep the crop top zipped down a little or zip it all the way up for a scoop neckline. Keep the flannel unbuttoned, button it up, or button one at the top or middle.  Roll the sleeves or unroll them, wear it off the shoulders, the list goes on! You could have a hundred different looks with one outfit! 

Hat // Ninety One Supply Co

Flannel // PacSun

Crop Top // PacSun

Shorts // PacSun

Superstars // Adidas

Lips in "Avenue" // ColourPop Cosmetics

Photography: Justin Afanador