Sophisticated | ft. Ally

Behind every good photoshoot is a hard-working makeup artist. As someone who is really bad at makeup (other than my wing, of course), makeup is an art that will forever mesmerize me. MUA's really don't get the credit and recognition they deserve, but it really takes a lot of time and practice and blending to get the right look. This week I'm sharing this awesome collaboration with the lovely Ally showcasing her own amazing work. 

Ally aka @Allys_Atmosphere is an incredibly talented MUA from LA, but I'm sure you already knew that based on her breathtaking work. I was so excited to do this collab with her. I styled Ally in a rosy light pink slip dress with some simple black strappy heels, big hoops, and dainty jewelry. I kept the look simple to really showcase the makeup that was so beautifully done. Go follow this Caribbean goddess and witness more of her stunning looks! 

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