Nude in NY

This past July, I had the opportunity to work with ArtCrazy Photography and P. Rarri. After literally Ubering everywhere, I was able to meet up with them to do this shoot in the streets of Soho. I was dying to do a classy nude look, and I'm so happy with the results. The outfit itself is incredibly simple and definitely within budget. I always look for versatile pieces when shopping, and this outfit is full of them. 

The knee-length vest is definitely one of my favorite pieces I own to-date. The simple bandeau underneath kept focus on the vest while adding a basic color dynamic. Something as simple as rolling up your pants can have such a big effect on an outfit. It truly makes a difference. I dressed everything up with a mixture of bold and simple accessories, including the "Keep Going" necklace by Jennifer Potter, and I pulled my hair up in a long ponytail for a cleaner, more high-fashion look. White strappy heels pulled everything together, although I would advise avoiding heels in Soho (cobblestones are not my friend).  

I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. I rarely ever go out in a ponytail, and I definitely don't go out with 90% of my torso free to say hello to the world. I'd say this was my first high-fashion look and I'm proud to say I pulled it off. I'm definitely looking forward to doing more looks like this and I'm definitely looking forward to working with ArtCrazy and P.Rarri again. 

Vest // Zara

Pants // H&M

Bandeau // H&M

Shoes // Aldo

Necklace // Jennifer Potter Jewelry

Accessories // Aldo, Old Navy

Septum Ring // Etsy

Photography: ArtCrazy Photography

P. Rarri