Let's Play

I love this outfit simply because it's comes off so daring, but is still conservative at the same time. If you haven't noticed, my outfits are pretty low-key when it comes to raciness. I love being bold with my outfits, but I don't really show a lot of skin. So for those wanting an edgy yet reserved look, try this out! In this outfit, I wore my cut off Kill Brand Playboy sweater. I paired it with my distressed bermuda shorts and my blue velvet heeled boots. For accessories, I have my gold hoop earrings and some red tinted sunglasses, and I finished off the look with my favorite deep red liquid lipstick. The sunglasses have a very 90's vibe that plays off really well with the vintage Playboy design on the sweater. Notice how each piece in this outfit compliments the color scheme on the design. For an alternative piece you can try a vintage band or graphic tee that you can customize yourself by distressing or turning it into a crop top or muscle tee! Show me what you come up with!

Top // Kill Brand

Bermuda Shorts // Fashion Nova

Boots // DSW

Earrings // Macys

Sunglasses // Philippines (from years ago)

Lips in "Avenue" // ColourPop Cosmetics

Photography by Swayz