Leather Jackets & Patches

This outfit is made up of so many different and distinct pieces that still compliment one another. Individually, I could consider each part of this outfit a feature piece. Usually, my outfits have one or two eye-catching details, but this look has it all. 

I love hats, and this black brimmed hat combined with the soft leather jacket brings out such a dope rock star vibe. I usually wear bigger jackets, but in this case the form fit worked best with the loose boyfriend jeans. Folding the white button-up over the jacket sleeves made such a huge difference. This shirt is letting you know it's just as good as this jacket. Why? It's a basic white button up, right? Right? WRONG. Peep those patches. Now look at those gold platform shoes. Notice the metallic material, the detailed stitching, and the rope braid bordering the entire shoe. All these little features create a modern chic look while standing out among all the other textures.

I'm a sucker for distressed boyfriend jeans. They're super comfortable and add so much character to any outfit. Folding them made it look less baggy in order to compliment the rest of the look, as well as creating the illusion of longer legs. They're perfectly baggy, perfectly comfy, and perfectly stylish. The best thing about distressed jeans, you can distress them to your liking. Justin helped me out with adding a few more holes to these bad boys and voilĂ ! You have a dope outfit for any time of year! With the right amount of attitude, anyone can rock this look.   

Hat // Zara

Jacket // H&M

Shirt // Zara

Jeans // Zara

Shoes // Zara

Jewelry // Jennifer Potter Collection

Photography: ArtCrazy Photography