Happy Anniversary!

It's officially been one year since my site's launch date!! I can't believe how much has happened in just a year. I've been in a weird transition stage over the past month and I've been trying to really step my game up in what I do and how I do it. with that being said, I want to start the year off strong. I'm going to take everything I learned last year, from all the good and the bad and apply those lessons into this new year. So, in the spirit of 2018, Here are 18 lessons, reminders, whatever you'd like to call it, that have made all the difference in how I approach this beautiful life. 

1. Learn to say no.

I'm so bad at saying no, and it actually took me a really long time to even get to the point where I can say no without hesitating. You can't please everyone and it's not your responsibility to. Don't spread yourself too thin or I promise you it'll bite you in the ass. 

2. Learn to say yes.

Saying yes is just as important as saying no. It's all about balance. Say yes to adventure and embrace different perspectives. You'll be truly enlightened.

3. Don't let others take advantage of your kindness.

4. Leave the negativity in 2017.

Change your mindset and focus more on the positive rather than the negative. Good things come your way when you think positively. 

5. Know your worth.

And don't allow anyone to make you question it. 

6. Build a strong foundation in all your relationships, whether it's with family, friends, or a significant other.

The best relationships are build on trust, respect, and understanding. It's being able to take yourself out of the situation to see things from their point of view. It's continuously learning about the other person and finding a common ground. It's having genuine respect for them and their decisions. It's being able to voice your opinion without being tuned out. It's about wanting and doing what's best for the other person.  

7. Find what makes you happy and work towards it.

8. Welcome the new into your life, but be aware.

Be open to change, but stay cautious. Don't walk into things blindly.

9. Remember: Everyone has a motive. Know who to keep around and who to avoid.

Okay, this one is so serious. Who you keep around is crucial. Remember that a strong support system is incredibly important to your success. However, also keep in mind that not everyone likes seeing you grow and flourish. Not everyone wants to see you succeed even if they say otherwise. Trust your instincts. If something feels off, cut them off. Don't risk damaging, delaying, or even mildly bruising everything you've worked for by keeping someone shady around. Loyalty and respect are hard to come by these days.

10. Be mindful of others.

Speaking of respect, learn to respect others. Respect is earned. You are not entitled to anything. Everyone has their own goals, struggles, families, good days, bad days, etc. We all go through our own shit. The world doesn't revolve around you, so just be nice to others and we can all be cool. 

11. Voice your support and don't be afraid to compliment strangers.

Who doesn't like a genuine compliment? You can change a person's whole day by voicing your support, sending words of encouragement or appreciation, or simply giving them a genuine compliment. Spread positive energy, but don't be fake about it, and definitely don't do it with an ulterior motive. Karma is real guys.

12. Set goals. Achieve more.

Set small goals. You'll climb the ladder much faster and way stronger.

13. Fail hard and fail smart. Persevere. 

14. Keep your space clean (literally and figuratively).

It really does make all the difference. Less clutter means less stress and more room to grow.

15. Communicate.

Don't be afraid to speak up. Communication is key. Miscommunication and misunderstandings cause so many issues. Be clear and set things straight before problems get worse. I've witnessed so many arguments where both sides are agreeing without even realizing it. Speak up, but don't forget to LISTEN and understand what the other side is trying to say!

16. Approach problems calmly.

Panic delays the solution. Take a deep breathe, assess the situation, and then proceed. 

17. It's not a race.

Everyone moves at their own pace, just keep practicing. I can guarantee that most of the people who seem like they have it all together don't. Stay focused and keep doing you. Trust the process. 

18. Appreciate everything.

Literally everything. Appreciate the struggle as much as the success. Tell your mom you love her. Tip your waiters generously. Really admire your surroundings. Thank God for all the blessings, especially the ones that don't seem like blessings. You may not understand them now, but trust me, you will.

Outfit Details:

Top // Forever 21. Leggings // Forever 21. Shoes // Asos.

Jewelry // Old Navy. Lips in "Russian Red" // MAC.