Flex | ft. Kyle

Spring is finally acting like spring, and I don't know about you guys, but my whole mood just brightened up because of this weather. I'm ready for these upcoming shoots and projects, and I'm determined to keep this vibe flowing for as long as possible. I'm ready to work and create more amazing outfits that I have construing in my head 24/7. For my male followers out there trying to expand their style, or for those that want their significant others to step their wardrobe game up, this one's for you!

This week's post features this dope transition outfit for men. Not only is it clean and classy, it's an ease into an out-of-the-box look for those trying to push their style limits, especially going into this new season. I'm so happy that Kyle trusted me with this outfit because I'm beyond proud of the results. Since we were limited on time, I wasn't able to find the style of pants I had in mind, but these light gray slacks with the very subtle plaid detailing were a great alternative that established a more sophisticated appearance. A plain black form-fitting long sleeve added a more simplistic feel to balance the modernity of the faux fur hooded cardigan. We tied in some casual pieces, such as a classic black belt with shoes to match. To finish off the look, we incorporated silver accessories, including a chain necklace, watch, and readers.


Outfit Details: Top // H&M. Cardigan // H&M. Pants // Macy's.

Belt // Macy's. Shoes // H&M. Readers // H&M.