Denim Denim Denim

Embracing the Canadian tuxedo this week. I enjoyed the lumpiness of this outfit so much. Most outfits I see are form fit, so it's a nice change of pace to go baggy once in a while. I bought this jacket from Zaful, and I was actually really nervous about how it would look on me. I bought it after watching Joanna Vong's Zaful review on her YT channel and I figured I'd give it a shot. I think it was worth it. I folded the sleeves up to reveal the thermal's sleeves for some edge and cinched the bottom of the jeans to show the boots. The "RESISTANCE" thermal by Wicked actually turned out to be smaller than expected. I bought a medium thinking it'd be a little looser, but it ended up fitting like a small. It actually made the outfit better to contrast the bagginess of the jacket and the jeans. I wore my chunky heeled boots and a dark burgundy lip for a grungier vibe. I accessorized with some shades, a simple thin gold chain, a few rings, and a backpack with multicolored stitching. Later in the day I switched to my gold rimmed glasses and a heather gray beanie. This look is a great cross between bohemian, grunge, and 90's mom.

Denim Jacket // Zaful

Thermal // Wicked

Jeans // Urban Outfitters

Shoes // Macy's

Sunglasses // Chinatown

Lips in "Sin" // MAC Cosmetics

Backpack // JCPenney


Photography by Justin Afanador