Clean, Classy, Chic

I love love LOVE this shoot. Take a look at this outfit. Very clean, classy, and chic. To be completely honest, there isn't much to what I'm wearing if you really look at it. In fact, anyone can achieve this style. 90% of this outfit is from Forever 21! But what is it that makes this look so different?   

In every one of these pictures, I radiate confidence, and I say that humbly. When I saw these pictures for the first time, I verbally blurted out a shocked "Oh my GOD". I almost didn't recognize myself. I saw a whole new person and I grinned more and more with every picture. Seeing these made me realize how much I've grown mentally. Comparing pictures a year ago to now, I see a tremendous difference in my personality. I'm far more confident in who I am. I can see the love and appreciation I have for myself and I can feel a beautiful positive vibe. I know exactly who I am and who I want to be.  

This look is all about confidence, embracing your body, loving everything you are. This outfit works so well because of how I wear it. You should know by now that the clothes I wear mean nothing without my personality. I don't give any justice to an outfit if I don't wear it correctly. Remember, YOU make the outfit. Don't let the outfit wear you. These pieces are merely accessories to my personality. I exude confidence in the way I dress because presentation is important to me. Dressing well is absolutely not about having an ego. It is not about showing off. It's not about craving attention. I dress for me, and you should dress for you. 

Now about this outfit! This top is the same top from my Lady in Red outfit in black! I'm clearly a big fan of the off the shoulder trend going on. The ruffled texture creates a playful vibe that balances well with the casual rolled up beige pants. The tie in the front added some character to the outfit without being too bold. I didn't want to add too many accessories to this look because I wanted to maintain a more simple, clean look, so I went with some studs with a half gold and half marble design. I matched it with my gold and marble ring, a double layered necklace and a black and gold braided bracelet. I wore my hair in a sleek pony tail, which was actually a big deal since I never wear my hair out of my face like this, and I wore my large silver round readers to make up for what felt like empty space around my face. It definitely added an extra something. The shoes I'm wearing are by Michael Kors which I had bought on clearance at Macy's. Probably my most comfortable block heeled mules I've ever worn. They have a faux snake skin design with a silver buckle that matched the silver frame of my glasses. These shoes added some color and pattern to stand out from the simple solid colored pieces in the rest of the outfit. This outfit looks pretty expensive, but trust me, I ball on a budget. 

Keep your head held high and be confident in who you are. Strive to be a better version of yourself every single day.

Stay hungry, stay humble, stay happy. 

Top // Forever 21

Pants // Forever 21

MK Shoes // Macy's 

Accessories // DSW, Macy's, Old Navy

Readers // Forever 21

Lips in "Sin" // MAC

Photography by Frank Samuel | @_franksamuel