Boxy T's, Bombers, and Bandanas

If you haven't noticed yet, this is the same exact outfit as my Tokyo Drift post, but with a few new twists. The key to this look is comfort. Comfort is important, especially if you plan on walking around for hours. This outfit is simple yet eye-catching and is perfectly comfortable to wear all day. 

For outfits as simple as this, you have to keep in mind the accents and accessories. I wore my mirrored shades, some arm jewelry, and a couple of simple rings with one big statement ring to compliment the layered necklace and earrings. I tied the white bomber around my waist or had it laying on my shoulders to give the dress a little more shape. The bandana pulled the black and white theme together creating a perfect every day look.


T-Shirt Dress // Zara

Jacket // Zara

Superstars // Adidas

Sunglasses // Aldo

Earrings & Necklace // Aldo

Rings // Old Navy

Bandana // Urban Outfitters


Photography: Justin Afanador