Be A Boss

If you want to be a boss, you have to believe you're a boss. If you want to believe you're a boss, you have to feel like a boss. And if you want to feel like a boss, you have to dress like a boss. 

The best thing about this outfit is how powerful it makes me feel. Maybe it's the blazer, maybe it's the pleather top, maybe its the flared pants, maybe it's the septum ring. Regardless of what it may be, I feel like a boss. And that's enough for me to want to dress like this every day.  The black, white, and navy blue combo gives the look that very dark, grungy chic, "don't mess with me" vibe. I love using multiple textures in one look, but it has to be done carefully. The blazer flows easily with the top because of the solid navy blue and black. There's a subtle dynamic from the straight clean lines of the blazer mixed with the pleather texture of the top with its ruffles. The corset brings in more texture with the vertical lines, extending the black, as well as the illusion of a longer torso and smaller waist. 

We bring in more illusions with the striped black and white flared pants, outlining the legs and emphasizing the curves. The striped pattern really catches the eye, but maintains that chic appearance, flowing into the black strappy heels. Silver jewelry is enough to add some shine without taking away from the other pieces. I pulled my hair into a straight ponytail and left strands to frame my face for that clean and classy feel. 

Outfit Details:

Top // Zara. Blazer // H&M. Corset // Zara, Pants // Forever 21.

Shoes // Aldo, Shades // Forever 21, Necklace // Old Navy,

Earring // Pandora. Septum // Etsy. Lips in "Sin" // MAC.

Photography by P. Rarri | @p.rarri