Artistry | ft. Lea

Makeup artists never fail to impress me, and I'm looking forward to working with more in the future. This was my first studio session that I've photographed and although I'm just scratching the surface, I'm extremely proud of what Lea and I were able to create.


Lea is a brilliantly talented MUA from NJ. I had actually reached out to her a couple months ago for eyelash extensions and I haven't gone to anyone else since. (I'm seriously obsessed with my lashes though.) Lea wanted to do a birthday shoot and I brought up an idea I've had for the longest time to do a look featuring drastic, bold, colorful makeup and she was all for it. I wanted to showcase her work through a shoot centered around her art and that's exactly what we did. The blues and reds played off her golden yellow dress so beautifully. The glossy lips and eyelids added texture, creating a more delicate look. Her natural hair was an important factor for this shoot. Not only did I want the volume and curls, I wanted to capture her natural beauty combined with her art, and I think this photo set speaks for itself. Check out more of Lea's work on her page!