Time To Pretend IV


Yes, yes, long time no post. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been swamped with BAWDY so I’ve been lacking in blog posts. HOWEVER, I believe this will make up for quite a bit!

This past Saturday, I attended one of the coolest and most inspiring events I’ve ever been to: Time To Pretend IV.

Time To Pretend is an all women's art showcase, created and curated by Mo Smith (@phobymo). Sick and tired of the male gaze overpowering the world of photography, Smith created TTP as a means to showcase and empower female artists and business owners in Philadelphia. TTPIV featured over 25 female artists and vendors.

To see so much breathtaking work in one room was amazing, but the fact that they were all by female artists and business owners was just phenomenal. As a female creative, I’ve witnessed firsthand how easy it is to be overshadowed by male creatives. And that isn’t to imply any negativity toward male creatives. It’s simply the fact that women are not recognized or favored or even respected as much as men in this business, and that’s why events like this are so important.

Not only was I able to view the work of local artists, I was able to purchase some of their creations, my favorite being a framed piece by Hallie Bertino. Support your local artists, support your local businesses, support your friends, SUPPORT. As many of you already know, art is extremely important to me and I’m beyond grateful for events like this. I’m already looking forward to the next one, and I highly encourage you to attend. Check out the recap from TTPIV, as well as the beautifully talented artists and businesses linked below!

Time To Pretend IV Artists & Vendors: