"Comfort is the enemy of progress." - P.T. Barnum

You're damn right I just quoted The Greatest Showman. Comfort is something I was never really comfortable with. Not that I don't enjoy comfort, you all know that I do, especially in terms of clothing. What I mean is that redundancy doesn't sit well with me. I recently decided to make a big lifestyle change. I've been meaning to get back into the gym and start taking my health seriously, but I was making excuse after excuse. I was never obese, but I've never been fully content with my body, especially in terms of strength and endurance. I realized I had been so focused working on everything else, and I needed to start and commit to a healthier lifestyle. I decided to stop waiting around for the "right time" and make that first step. I found a local trainer and started the next day. Not only have I been starting to work out consistently, I've started watching what I eat, following a diet plan, which to be honest isn't as difficult as I expected. And that's coming from me. When you have a goal, and you're determined to reach that goal, not even ice cream can make you waver. I do miss ice cream, but I'm really looking forward to all these changes. I've never felt healthier and it's only been a week. I'm also looking forward to sharing this whole experience with you guys. I highly encourage you to push yourself to try something new, improve yourself in any way. Progress!