I wouldn't be surprised if you guys were expecting a Denver travel post, but nope. Not this time. As a matter of fact, I didn't take a single picture on my camera the entire trip.



Because, concerned reader, that's not what that trip was for. I didn't go for a shoot. I didn't go to meet up with other bloggers or creatives. I didn't go with some predetermined schedule. And it was awesome. I went to visit my brother, his girlfriend, and my perfect little shiba, Sora, and we just chilled. We ate amazing food (of course), roamed around, and relaxed. It was 3 days of simplicity and it was incredibly enlightening.


First of all, Denver is just an all-around wonderful place and I'm seriously considering moving there at some point. I really needed to have some time for myself away from my everyday routine, away from the same people and the same conversations. I could feel my mind getting lazy and overwhelmed at the same time. I was getting impatient and frustrated and negativity started sneaking its way back in. I needed a getaway, and even though it was only for a few days, it was like a huge 3 day sigh of relief.


Traveling is stressful, but the result is what you make of it. I feel more inspired and motivated to step up my game in everything I've been doing. My view is clear again and I'm just happy overall with the whole experience. Step away from the norm and step into a new environment. Step out of that box. Sometimes you just need to get away. Sometimes you need a few days to yourself. No pressure, no schedule, no stress. It's a beautiful feeling. 


Photos taken in NYC