Denver: III


This past weekend I had the most incredible time hanging out with my brothers and my little loaf Sora in Denver. We seriously did the most and I still can't believe how many things we fit into just four days. Of course I cheated massively on my diet, but it's okay. Because I said so. I'm definitely putting in the work this week to get back on track, but it was totally worth it. 


If you didn't know, my younger brother is currently living in Denver attending college. He just finished his semester so my older brother and I flew out to spend the weekend together, and it was crazy. Not only did we eat amazing food as usual, we did some archery, watched Avengers: Infinity War (again), destroyed at laser tag, played a cooking game that almost tore our family apart (for real, it was intense lol), and we went to a driving range! Oh, we also got matching tattoos. 

Wait whaaaat??

Yeah, we did that. We've been planning on getting this done for a while now, and I can't tell you how much it meant to me to get this done together. And yes this was all our first tattoo. Today at work, I took the bandage off and I ran around asking my coworkers for unscented lotion. Of course they asked why unscented lol. When I told them about the tattoo they all thought it was the cutest thing ever. Sometimes I forget that other siblings aren't as close as we are, and I'm eternally grateful for the bond we've made. We've been through everything together, and this simple little piece means the world to me. I'm beyond proud of both of them in everything they've done and everything they continue to do and I'm soooo looking forward to our next reunion! Thank you to BJ from Certified Tattoo for making this happen! Check out my Denver Highlights on my Instagram to see more from the trip!