Bring On the New Year

It's my last post of 2017 and next week marks a full year of my site's launch. I'm beyond grateful for everything that's happened this year. 2017 was the year of true growth, realization, and understanding. And although not every part of it was a happy time, I'm glad to be ending this chapter on an incredibly (and to be honest surprisingly) positive note. 

I've learned so much this year, not just creatively, but personally as well. This whole experience has brought me to cross paths with so many different kinds of people, some with cruel intentions, but more importantly others who are unbelievably loving, caring, and pure. I know who genuinely supports me versus those who support me out of circumstance. I've learned that not everyone will understand what you do or why, and that it's perfectly fine that they may never understand. I've also gained a greater understanding of who I am and who I want to be. I've truly learned to love myself and that is my greatest achievement of 2017. As contradicting as this may sound, I am humbly proud of the person I've become.

I'll be leaving a lot of memories in 2017, but I'll be forever grateful for the lessons I've learned. I'm so happy and motivated and eager to take on the new year. 2018 is going to be filled with joy. Yeah I said it lol. But seriously, I'm taking life by the horns and I'll be making bigger and better moves this year. To those who have been by my side truly supporting me, my gratitude is too great to put into words. I'm so happy that you're all willing to take this journey with me and I know it'll all be worth it. I am truly, truly blessed. On to Chapter Two!

See you in 2018! ️